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When manufactures seek to enter new markets, reduce cost, boost sales and increase revenue: they drive with Goldreed!

Our Sales Force analysis market trends, plans strategically, provides revolutionary business analysis solutions and challenges status quo through a wholesome approach poised to deliver the best products and services to the satisfaction of our principals and end users.

Extensive Marketing & Branding  Experience

Goldreed draws on years of experience across multiple industries and the use of sophisticated market research tools to provide a dynamic blend of market-based knowledge and strategic marketing thinking.   

Each project is customized to match our prospects´particular needs and to provide reliable results concerning the objectives at hand.

We take genuine interest in your business to acquire new customers, launch new products, provide market exposure, sophisticated opportunity tracking, access to customer and factory data, inventory and order status, customer feedback, explain product features and product development.

We help you discover and take advantage of strategic investment opportunity out there - from IT Infrastructure, SaaS, ERP, ECM, Data Security, Financial services, healthcare, stock exchange and insurance bonds.

Why Choose Us?


Providing customized and cost effective solutions.

*We are your instant market access gateway and cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time salaried sales force and remember no cost is incurred until a sale is made.


We are confident about the fact that clear goals, a long-term investment philosophy, a balanced portfolio and low cost create a path to your financial goals. There´s investing and there´s smart investing.

*We are the latter, we are better!


Our company is built by the character of our staff, a sense of unity, fellow feeling and the place of choice reserved to our principals, channel partners and customers.

Our sales and marketing operations spans from Germany' industrial hub Munich-Bavaria across all German speaking countries plus Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway,  the Aland Islands and the Faroe Islands. Canada, France and Africa.

Imagination is our Power!

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